Is Your Web Control Perfect?

Probably not. All converting plants struggle with efficiency, waste, machine speed, employee morale, on-the-job injuries, high maintenance costs, and more. If you know you could benefit by improving these areas, click here now!

Let us help you improve!

When you’re close to a situation, it’s sometimes hard to see the source of problems and the opportunities for improvement. If you do see what’s wrong, you may not know how to correct it. Use one of our converting process experts for a complete SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of your web converting operations.

We provide you with a comprehensive report on:
  • Safety: Ergonomics - Potential for shaft failure
  • Waste: Sources - Potential to reduce
  • Maintenance: Cost - Lost production - Downtime Condition of accessories, by machine
  • Productivity: Setup and changeover times - Machine speed limiters - Opportunities to improve
  • Product Quality: - Wrinkling, stretching, winding problems, core damage

The Double E Company has been an expert in solving web handling problems for over thirty years.

Process Analysis Questionnaire
Our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Program allows customers to take advantage of Double E's expertise in web control. A field engineer will visit your facility to review your web converting operations, then provide a detailed report on safety, waste, maintenance, productivity, product quality, and more.

Please provide the following preliminary information if you think you might be interested in this service. After you submit this form, a Double E representative will call you to discuss your needs. Thank you for your interest.

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Handling weight of our current shafts is a problem: Shafts are easy to remove from rolls and cores:
Loss of roll control could cause us a major problem: Core fires never happen:
Shaft or chuck failure risk is low or non-existent:    


Our plant measures product waste: Waste / scrap is a primary concern:
The causes and potential solutions for waste are well understood:    


Set up and/or changeover times are already optimized: Recalibration or adjustment of guides and controls is often needed:
Our converting equipment is running at maximum design speed: Our shafts, chucks, brakes, guides, and controllers require frequent operator intervention:


Our web handling accessories are maintained by in-house personnel: Shafts require frequent maintenance:
Shaft maintenance takes a long time: Chucks require frequent maintenance:
Chuck maintenance takes a long time: Brakes require new pads too often:
Our shafts, chucks, brakes, guides, and controllers are simple and inexpensive to maintain:    

Product Quality:

Our slit / wound rolls are always acceptable: Our print registration is always consistent: