Core Shafts

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Core shafts are used throughout the converting and packaging industries to unwind and rewind web material. Winding shafts usually expand to grip the inner diameter of a core to help control web tension.


Double E offers the right core shaft for your converting application.

Double E Company's Specialty - Carbon Fiber Expanding Core Shaft
DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Expanding Core Shafts
For Unwind and Rewind Applications

through shafts
CF-1000 Carbon Fiber Through Shafts
(Non-expanding core shafts are available
for through-roll support using air chucks)
  • Carbon fiber shaft body provides the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.
  • Proprietary corded polyprene internal bladder expands with air to force the lugs to grip the inner diameter of the core. The special bladder material reduces bladder failure and minimizes maintenance.
  • Deep journal insertion and a close tolerance fit provide a high-strength connnection, yet ensures easy maintenance access when necessary.
  • Comprehensive two year warranty even includes bladder (most applications).

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. Expanding Core Shafts (Lug Type ~ Aluminum or Steel Housing)

Core Shafts with Steel or Aluminum Bodies
DG-2000 Expanding Core Shafts in Steel or Aluminum
(for unwind and rewind applications)
  • The same design features as the carbon fiber core shaft, with a metal housing.

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. External Element (Strip Design) Expanding Core Shafts

Strip Design Core Shaft
SR-2000 Strip Core Shafts
(for multiple slit rewind applications)
  • For multiple slit rewinding.
  • Simple clamping unit secures bladder/gripping element assembly for easy maintenance.
  • Durable hard rubber grippers offer excellent core grip.
  • Protective Teflon strip covers bladder to reduce likelihood of bladder failure.
  • Brass air valve resists corrosion.

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. Pneumatic/Mechanical & Mechanical Expanding Core Shafts

Mechanical and Pneumatic Mechanical Core Shafts
Pneumatic/Mechanical and Fully Mechanical Core Shafts (for high-speed and/or heavyweight winding applications)
  • Mechanical operation for strongest grip.
  • Intended for aggressive applications where rolls are heavy and line speeds are fast.
  • Independent lug action accommodates core variations.
  • Concentric expansion reduces vibration and roll bounce.
  • Roll security is guaranteed because of fail-safe design.

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. Differential Rewinding Core Shafts

Differential Rewind Shaft
Differential Rewind Core Shafts
(for multiple slit differential rewinding applications)
  • Works in low or high tension applications.
  • Allows narrow and/or varying slit widths and yields uniformly wound rolls.
  • Slipping occurs inside the shaft so no core dust is crated – contamination is minimized.

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. Carbon Fiber Expanding Reel Spool Shafts

Expanding Reel Spool Shaft with Carbon Fiber Body
RS-2000 Expanding Carbon Fiber Reel Spool Core Shaft (for reel spool winding applications)
  • Much lighter in weight than expanding steel shafts; requires far less driving energy.
  • Carbon fiber housing allows faster critical speeds without increasing core size.
  • Pneumatic/mechanical system ensures true concentric expansion.
  • Traditional non-expanding reel spools also available.