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Double E has partnered with Mario Cotta in the USA, Canada and Mexico. All Mario Cotta knives, knife holders, and slitting systems are now available exclusively through Double E.

More Info Pneumatic Knife Holders

Mario Cotta Pneumatic Knife Holders
  • Mono–block design
    • Ensures system rigidity
    • Reduces vibration at high speeds
  • Rotative head allows cutting on either side of the anvil
  • Mechanical stop prevents premature blade wear
  • When necessary, depth adjustment is simple and quick
  • Patented spring loaded flange
    • Maintains appropriate pressure between the knife and the anvil
    • Reduces vibration at high speeds
  • Longer blade life and less vibration result
  • Easy removal of blades

More Info Circular Knife Holders

Mario Cotta Circular Holders
Circular Knife holders are manually operated, spring loaded holders for shear cutting knives in shaft to shaft slitting arrangements. Shaft to shaft arrangements are not as technologically advanced as shear slitting using pneumatic knife holders, but offer a space saving solution with a very low initial investment cost. Circular knife holders come in three locking types, free locking, self locking and multilock.